Here you will find Cinderella Hair’s, Hair Extension Aftercare products and expert aftercare tips. Cinderella Hair’s collection of haircare products have been designed to be used for natural hair as well as hair extensions. We have also created an informative brochure guide. Simply login or create an account to access this and all our other useful documents.

Read on to discover Cinderella Hair’s, Hair Extension Aftercare.



Cinderella Hair have been constantly evolving their hair extension aftercare product range to achieve superior results with both hair extensions and natural hair. Our dedication to producing only the best products, using the finest ingredients and excluding sulphate and parabens from our haircare range, will achieve results you never thought possible, while extending the life of your hair extensions.


Cinderella Hair extensions are extremely easy to maintain. In our hair extension aftercare brochure, you will discover Cinderella Hair’s, hair extension aftercare products, specifically produced for aftercare of hair extensions, along with our expert maintenance tips. Remember to leave the hair for between 1-2 days before washing to allow the bonds to set.

Initial check-up

Be sure to visit the salon in the first week for a maintenance appointment, so your stylist can check the bonds.

Daily routine maintenance

It’s a good idea to separate the extensions by running your fingers through them every day, to make sure they move freely and that the hair falls naturally.

Choosing the right products

We recommend you only use Cinderella Hair’s Shampoo and Conditioner, or a very gentle formula, as some products can damage the bonds and affect the quality of the hair – especially products that contain sulphate and parabens. We also recommend you use shampoo and conditioners that do not contain oils, as oils can cause the bonds  or micro rings to slip.

Colouring your hair extensions

As Cinderella Hair is 100% Remy Human Hair, your hair extensions can be coloured. However, Cinderella Hair does not recommend that the hair is coloured and a strand test should be conducted first. If you are applying colour to Cinderella Hair’s Henley Pop-In Extension you should simply take out the extension before applying chemicals and pop it back in after the treatment. This will prevent the material/track from being damaged.

Washing your hair extensions

As mentioned, we advise you not to wash your hair for 1-2 days after your hair extensions have been applied. This will allow the correct amount of time for the bonds to set.

When washing your hair extensions, it is extremely important to use products that will not damage the bonds, or damage the Henley Pop-In Extension material/track. Cinderella Hair’s hair extension aftercare products, will prolong the length of life of your hair extensions, whilst nourishing and moisturising both your hair extensions and natural hair.

To shampoo – wet the hair ideally in the shower, tipping your head back. Apply the Cinderella Hair Caviar and Red Algae Extract Shampoo and squeeze through from the roots to the ends. Only use gentle strokes, avoiding any scrubbing motions, as these can make the hair tangle. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

To condition the hair – apply the Cinderella Hair Anti-Static Agent and Keratin Conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends. Rinse thoroughly. Don’t rush! You may be surprised by the extra weight of your extended hair.

Drying your hair extensions

It is extremely important to ensure that you completely dry the hair and the bonds. Cinderella Hair recommend you gently dab your hair using a towel. This will reduce the amount of excess water. While your hair is still wet, we suggest you gently brush through your hair using Cinderella Hair’s Natural Bristle Brush, this will eliminate any tangles.

Once you have completed these 2 steps, you will then be able to blow-dry your hair extensions as usual, but pay close attention to your bonds to ensure they are dry. When blowing dry your hair, you may want to achieve a bouncy style. To create this look we suggest using one of 2 Cinderella Hair’s Wooden Radial Brushes. This will create lift straight from the roots, while protecting your hair from heat damage.

Brushing your hair extensions

Cinderella’s Natural Bristle Brush has been designed to gently glide over the bonds without damaging or pulling them and will ensure your hairs’ cuticle is always pointing in the correct direction. Start at the ends and work your way up using gentle strokes. Put your hand over the bonds to support them.

With a choice of 2 Wooden Radial Brushes, 1 large and 1 small, these styling tools have become a staple piece for many salons and many hair extension consumers. Because the brushes have short natural bristles, they prevent damage to your hair and scalp. They also increase the control and smoothness when styling, and help create a bouncy style by lifting your hair directly from the roots.

Styling your hair extensions

You can style your hair extensions just as you would your own hair. It’s a good idea to apply styling products before and after blow-drying to help protect the hair, but to avoid getting styling products on the bonds, only apply from mid-lengths to the ends. Also, try to avoid excessive heat – instead, opt for medium temperature straightening and curling irons.






When going to bed, it is recommended that the hair is pulled back with a soft scrunchie and put into a ponytail or loose plait. This will prevent your hair extensions from getting tangled.


Sea and chlorine water can have a damaging effect on natural hair as well as hair extensions. Be advised: chlorine can make very blonde hair turn green or pink! If you do go swimming, then tie the hair back loosely to avoid tangling, wash it as soon as you come out and dry the hair straight away. Make sure the bonds are completely dry.

Sun protection

It’s a good idea to wear a hat to protect your hair from excessive UV exposure. We also recommend using a UV protector and applying it from the mid-lengths to the ends.


Cinderella Hair’s product range comprises a collection of highly sophisticated products that will ensure your hair extensions and natural hair are kept in perfect condition, from beginning to end. We invite you to explore our product range.

Image of Cinderella Hair's, Hair Extension Aftercare Shampoo

Caviar and Red Algae Extract Shampoo

The caviar and red algae extract found in Cinderella Hair’s Shampoo will leave your natural hair and hair extensions well-nourished and moisturised, achieving a shiny and smooth finished look after just the first wash. Only the best for your hair and hair extensions will suffice. That’s why Cinderella Hair’s Caviar and Red Algae Extract Shampoo is sulphate free and parabens free.

Why Use Cinderella Hair’s Caviar and Red Algae Extract Shampoo?

  • Enriched with caviar and red algae extract to provide moisture for natural hair and hair extensions.

  • Sulphate and parabens free shampoo, ensuring no damage to your natural hair or hair extensions.

  • Leaves your hair looking youthful and shinny, with a smooth finish.

Image of Cinderella Hair's, Hair Extension Aftercare Conditioner

Keratin and Anti-Static Agent Conditioner

Everybody’s natural hair contains keratin. It is a natural source of protein that keeps hair strong, elastic and healthy. Keratin can be easily lost when using heat styling tools and the keratin found in Cinderella Hair’s conditioner will help restore your hair’s natural keratin that is lost due to the use of heat styling tools. The anti-static agents that are infused in Cinderella Hair’s Conditioner, will prevent a static/flyaway look that can occur when blow-drying and straightening your hair on a regular basis.

Why Use Cinderella Hair’s Keratin and Anti-Static Agent Conditioner?

  • Keratin is a natural source of protein which is found in hair. Keratin keeps hair healthy, strong and shiny. When using heat styling tools and leading a busy/active lifestyle, keratin can easily be lost in natural hair. Cinderella Hair’s conditioner will replace lost keratin and promote hair growth.

  • Do you ever get annoying fly-aways or static hair from heat styling tools or even from wearing a cap/hat? Our Anti-Static Agent Conditioner will ensure your fly-aways and static hair will become a thing of the past.

  • From wash 1, after using our excellent keratin and anti-static agent enriched formula, your natural hair and hair extensions will feel rejuvenated, and look healthy and youthful.


Comprising a collection of 3 different Cinderella Hair brushes, each brush has their own unique benefit, providing a different option when it comes to haircare and hair styling.

Image of Cinderella Hair's, Hair Extension Aftercare Small Wooden Radial Brush

Cinderella Hair’s Small Wooden Radial Brush

The short natural bristles found on Cinderella Hair’s wooden radial brushes, prevent damage to your hair and scalp while increasing the control and smoothness when styling. As Cinderella Hair’s Radial Brush is wooden, this decreases the amount of heat which is being applied to your hair during blow-drying, therefore preventing damage, breakages, static and fly-aways.

Image of Cinderella Hair's, Hair Extension Aftercare Large Wooden Radial Brush

Cinderella Hair’s Large Wooden Radial Brush

If you’re looking to create a bouncy style and have lift from the roots while protecting your hair from heat damage, then Cinderella Hair’s Wooden Radial Brush is for you. The natural bristles used in the radial brush will leave your hair feeling silky smooth while massaging the scalp to promote hair growth.

Image of Cinderella Hair's, Hair Extension Aftercare Hair Brush Natural Bristle Brush

Cinderella Hair’s Iconic Natural Bristle Brush

Whether you are using Cinderella Hair’s Bristle Brush for hair extensions or natural hair, excellent results will always be achieved. The natural bristles found on Cinderella Hair’s brush will ensure your hair’s cuticles are smooth and are all in the right direction, leaving hair looking healthy and shiny while creating life in your hair.

By ensuring the cuticles are all going in the right direction, this will leave your natural hair and hair extensions looking, smooth, soft and healthy.

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