Particles Hair Building Fibers For Hair Loss & Thinning Hair by Cinderella Hair

Cinderella Hair would like to introduce you to their brand new unisex product, Particles. The unrefined hair building fibers which instantly provide the confidence boost you have been searching for to discreetly but effectively hide balding patches and thinning areas of your hair.

particles-hair-strands-diagram1Particles Explained

When Particles is applied to the area of your hair where you feel needs some recognition, the fibers attract to your natural hair much like a magnet, allowing you to have an instantly fuller and thicker full head of hair which will last the entire day, whatever situation may occur, until washed with shampoo with minimum effort.

  • Look no further for your hair loss coverage – Particles Hair Building Fibers will ensure Thicker hair & coverage of balding hair in SECONDS.
  • Particles Hair Building Fibers are EASY to apply, simply shake the fibers where coverage is needed and pat to disperse the fibers.
  • Particles Hair Building Fibers is an amazing hair loss & hair thickening treatment for men and women with a selection of 5 Hair Colours to PERFECTLY match your natural hair.
  • Particles Hair Building Fibres creates coverage & voulme of your existing hair and is discreet, leaving you feeling more confident in minutes.
  • Particles Hair Building Fibers can achieve your desired look from ANYWHERE, instantly.