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This new year, Cinderella Hair invite you to discover the Vanguard of Hair Extensions. Cinderella Hair’s collection comprises of innovative application methods and technology, through to our authentic pre-bonded range, while encompassing a spectrum of 64 colours.

Cinderella Hair invite you to discover our innovative range of products.


Discover Authentic – Cinderella Hair’s Pre-Bonded Range

Cinderella Hair extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair, sourced with integrity to honour our fantastic range of Pre Bonded Hair Extensions. Cinderella only use the finest the Protein Moulded Bonds (PMB) which are formed from Keratin, this ensures that there is no damage to your own hair. All Cinderella Hair Extensions are cuticle correct to avoid tangling and our whole hair extension range is ethicnally sourced.

Our styles & lengths are something extraordinary that we like to pride ourselves on, our substantial range of 4 lengths and 3 styles will allow you to fulfil every client’s needs.


Discover Innovation – Cinderella Hair’s Henley Pop-In Extension Collection

Quality – As with all Cinderella Hair products, the Henley Pop-In Extension is 100% Remy human, cuticle & root point correct hair.
Method – A choice of 2 methods, allowing you to be versatile. You can choose to use micro rings or keratin bonds.
Application – Simply effortless, this makes Cinderella Hair’s Henley Pop-In Extension unique.
Design – A fold designed to work like a curtain, hiding the micro rings or keratin bonds and providing protection of the scalp.
Colours – A vast colour collection, inspired from Cinderella Hair’s Pre-Bonded Range.


Discover Colour – Cinderella Hair’s Spectrum of Colours

With a selection of more than 60 colours, from base shades to fantasy and pastel shades, you can find your perfect colour match and achieve your desires. The Cinderella Hair extension range is always produced using the most superior 100% Remy Human, Cuticle and Root Point correct hair, regardless of colour, length or style.


Discover Technology – Cinderella Hair’s Chrome Star 2 Machine

Cinderella Hair’s Chrome Star 2 Machine, with new technology which enables two extensionists to work simultaneously.

It features two bonding applicators connected to the Chrome Star 2 Machine, each with their own LED temperature control display featuring 10 heat settings. This is the modern way to work quickly, effectively and in perfect harmony.


Discover Haircare – Cinderella Hair’s Haircare Selection

Cinderella Hair have been constantly evolving their haircare range to achieve superior results with both hair extensions and natural hair. Our dedication to producing only the best products, using the finest ingredients and excluding sulphate and parabens from our haircare range will achieve results you never thought possible, while also extending the life of your hair extensions.